Agriculture, fisheries and food (1151 results)
(insurance, farming, fishing, aquaculture, financing, training, bio-food products, food quality, research, etc.)
Culture (1425 results)
(arts and literature, libraries, language, museology, heritage, toponymy, etc.)
Economy, industry and trade (2390 results)
(business, all types of businesses and industries, income tax and other taxes, etc.)
Education (1317 results)
(all levels from preschool to the postdoctoral level, including adult education)
Environment (1190 results)
(air, biodiversity, sustainable development, water, fauna, flora, soil, etc.)
Government and political life (1395 results)
(National Assembly, departments and agencies, political system, etc.)
Health (1669 results)
(hospital insurance, health insurance, prescription drug insurance, hospitals, local community service centres (CLSCs), etc.)
Information and communication (455 results)
(media, Internet, intranets, extranets, etc.)
International and bilateral relations (349 results)
(relations with other countries and other Canadian provinces and territories)
Justice and public security (1612 results)
(coroners, legal information, police, prisons, register of movable and immovable property, courts and administrative tribunals, etc.)
Labour and employment (1218 results)
(labour standards, labour relations, occupational safety, etc.)
Natural resources (314 results)
(energy, forests, geomatics, mines, public lands, etc.)
Research, science and technology (330 results)
(all that concerns research, research programs, etc.)
Society and social measures (2069 results)
(Native peoples, cultural communities, population, social development, housing, immigration, all social measures and social services, etc.)
Territory (464 results)
(land use, territorial division, municipalities, regional county municipalities, electoral districts, agricultural land, etc. )
Tourism, recreation and sports (1264 results)
(hunting, tourism industry, recreation, fishing, sports and outdoor activities, etc.)
Transport (2930 results)
(means of transport, road network, transportation safety, government measures, etc.)